Great Beers Inspired by Two of Florida's Greatest Pioneers. Two Henrys.
Two Henrys is always tapping new and seasonal beers. We have 5 signature craft beers and rotate out a wide selection of premiere seasonal selections. To learn more about our beer selections, please click on 'Beers' in the navigation bar.To keep up with all the great news and events that come out of Two Henrys Brewing Company

Seasonal & Specialty Beers

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12K IPA – American Ipa

This IPA is a variant of our 7 Mile Bridge IPA.  We used the same grains and brewing hops.  We changed the yeast to a more traditional English yeast which produced fruity characteristics.  We then dry hopped with Ahtanum and Amarillo hops to yield a fruity and grassy finish. ABV 6.0%


Downtown Coco Brown

This beer is on the darker side of a brown from the added cocoa.  It pours with a big creamy head that traps the coconut and slight cocoa volatile aromatics.  Very light body.  This beer is very light and not to heavy and is reminiscent of a mounds bar.  Lots of coconut on the nose and pallet. ABV 4.9%


Jameson French Oak Steamboat – American Brown 

This is our Steamboat to Cuba aged on Jameson Irish Whiskey and French Oak.  It is dark, roasty, a little woody, and very smooth.  It has a nice substantial creamy head that brings out the Jameson.  This beer is extremely drinkable/ sippable.  If a customer is asking for a lighter or fruitier beer then this will probably not meet their request.  This is a bigger beer with very complex characters. ABV 7.0%

Romanova Russian Imperial Stout

This 9.8% stout melds together autumn and winter spices, vanilla, and cocoa to create a perfect Florida Winter stout. The blending of flavors, deep creamy head, and pronounced dark malts makes this beer a brewery favorite. ABV 9.8%


Fletcher’s Drool – American Wheat

This is an American Wheat ale named in honor of our owner’s Mastiff. This light bodied wheat ale is treated to tangerines and mandarin oranges to give a citrusy, and thirst quenching finish.  ABV 5.7%


Steamboat to Cuba – American Brown Ale

Brewed with Cafe Bustello Espresso. Notes of coffee, chocolate, and roasty on the nose. Dark in appearance. Flavors of big coffee and roast. Low coffee bitterness. Medium body. Finishes clean with coffee and a lingering roast.  ABV 6.8%


“Coco”nut Brown – American Brown Ale

Brewed with 10 lbs. of toasted coconut. Notes of sweet coconut and dark chocolate. Dark brown in color. Light mouth feel with a medium body. Reminiscent of a Mounds bar. Finishes clean and not too sweet. ABV 5.5%


Belleview Biltmore Blueberry Vanilla Wheat – American Wheat Ale

Pronounced vanilla and blueberry nose. Very aromatic. Light wheat in color. Blueberry and blueberry sweetness on the taste, clean body, and lingering blueberry and lingering vanilla finish. Reminiscent of a blueberry muffin, but in a beer. ABV 5.3%


Big Boy Brown Ale – American Brown Ale

This beer is dark and strong in malt and hop flavor. Brewed with a unique yeast blend that gives some slight fruit aromas and flavor. It is medium bodied and smooth! ABV 6.9%


Autumn Amber – American Amber Ale 

Light Simcoe hop nose. Amber in color. Medium mouth feel, resemblance of a light IPA. Pronounced, but mild lingering bitterness and floral and herbal hoppy notes. Finishes clean and slightly dry. ABV 6.3%


French Oak Double IPA

Woody, sweet, and toasty nose. Deep amber color. Big body to this beer. Pronounced hop bitterness, followed by a slightly spicy, oak finish.  This is a smooth sipping Double IPA. ABV 8.5%


Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Stout – Sweet Stout 

The name says it all. Bourbon, chocolate, roast, and light woody nose. Very dark in appearance. Roast, toffee, wood, and light hop flavors which builds to a complex body.  Finishes clean and dry. Medium alcohol content means you can have a few. ABV 6%


Blueberry Lager

German Helles Style Lager

This Lager boasts a clear, golden color. Smooth and crisp with a slight noble hop aroma and flavor treated with our home grown blueberries.  Light ABV 4.5%


Train Oil Chocolate Stout – Sweet Stout

This beer is dark, slightly toasty and has a mild roasted malt flavor sweetened with a touch of chocolate. Full bodied but lightly hopped. ABV 5.8%


The Rev – India Pale Lager

Our take on the newer India Pale Lager style. SMoothness of a German lager but with significant bittering hop and Galaxy dry hop on the nose. Clean, crisp, and slightly fruity. Light body. ABV 4.8%


Paddinton Beer – London Brown Ale

Rarely brewed or sold in the U.S. Very light, traditional brown ale with lower ABV and body to make it extremely drinkable . Caramel and toffee notes on the aroma due to rich dark malts. Very light body. ABV 3.8%


Schwartzbier – German “Schwartzbier” Black Lager

Our take on the German black lager. Smooth, dark, lager with notes of caramel and slight toast flavor. Light body with subtle but complex roasted malt aromas.


Winter Snowbird American Amber Ale

Our annual winter spice beer.  This seasonal amber brings together a deep amber color, malty backbone, and generous, additions of winter spices to make your Florida winter more bearable. Includes generoush additions of cinnamon and nutmeg. ABV 6.3%


Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Stout

Based off of our popular “The Standard Chocolate Stout” this special Valentine’s beer is treated with generous additions of dark chocolate, 100 lbs. of Plant City strawberries, and a touch of sea salt. It truly does smell and taste like a sea salted dark chocolate covered strawberry. Also, this beer comes in at 5.1% ABV


Gilded Age Lager – German Helles Style Lager

This Lager boasts a clear, golden color. Smooth and crisp with a slight noble hop aroma and flavor. We think this is the beer most like what the Henrys would’ve enjoyed at the turn of the century Florida.  Light body.  4.5% ABV


Strawberry Ginger Saison

In celebration of the annual Plant City Strawberry Festival we have brewed a special Strawberry Ginger Saison. This beer begins with pronounced Plant City Strawberry and ginger nose. The body is all farmhouse ale that coats the pallet with spice and clove. In the finish you will note mild ginger heat and a residual ginger aftertaste. ABV 5.1%


Hop Tycoon Double IPA – DIPA

Rich, complex double IPA. Strong malt flavors and heavy hop bitterness. Amarillo and Galaxy hops add a unique aroma profile. Medium body and amber color. ABV 8.5%


Runaway Locomotive Black IPA

Overall Impression: A beer with the dryness, hop-forward balance, and flavor characteristics of an American IPA, only darker in color – but without strongly roasted or burnt flavors. The flavor of darker malts is gentle and supportive, not a major flavor component. Drinkability is a key characteristic. ABV 7.3%


Roasted Jalapeno Blueberry Porter – Brown Porter 

We age this porter on roasted Jalapenos and fresh Blueberry puree.  A one of a kind Florida original.   The jalapeno and blueberry flavors compliment surprisingly well with the lightly toasted flavor of the brown porter.  Low hop but strong jalapeno and blueberry aromas. Medium body and not too spicy. 5.5% ABV


Eisenbahn Berliner Weisse – Berliner Weisse

The Eisenbahn is a traditional German Berliner Weisse.  The sourness is derived from a “terrior” of wild yeast we captured from our blueberry grove which makes this a one of a kind wild Berliner.  The name “Eisenbahn” means railroad in German, the birthplace of this style.  Coming in at 2% ABV, this beer is tart, refreshing, and with the additions of flavored syrup, a great summer quencher. 2.0% ABV