Great Beers Inspired by Two of Florida's Greatest Pioneers. Two Henrys.
Two Henrys is always tapping new and seasonal beers. We have 5 signature craft beers and rotate out a wide selection of premiere seasonal selections. To learn more about our beer selections, please click on 'Beers' in the navigation bar.To keep up with all the great news and events that come out of Two Henrys Brewing Company


We are always rotating our taps, so call for availability!


The Gilded Age
Golden Lager

Named for the era where tycoons like the Two Henrys came into tremendous wealth…and most others suffered in dreadful poverty. We brew this traditional light lager like it first was in the Pilsen region of Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) in the 1840’s, an area to which both Flagler and Plant can trace their family roots …ok, it’s a stretch.

The beer boasts a clear, golden color. Smooth and crisp with a slightly prominent spicy hop aroma and flavor. We think this is the beer most like what the Henrys would’ve enjoyed at the turn of the century Florida… You know, before air conditioning.

4.5% ABV


7 Mile Bridge
English IPA

In 1905, Flagler embarked on what many called impossible and his biggest folly, a ridiculously difficult to build railroad line from Miami to Key West. After 7 years, millions of dollars, many terrible hurricanes, and the deaths of dozens of unsuspecting laborers, Flagler prevailed. The overseas railroad became known as the 8th Wonder of the World and many remnants still stand in the Florida Keys. This courageous beer celebrates Flagler’s tenacity and shear pigheadedness in completing his goal of bringing trains to Key West.

We brew this English IPA with six different hops giving a complex, robust herbal and citric hop flavor. Medium bodied with a reddish amber color.

6.0% ABV



The Standard
Chocolate Stout

The oil industry was one of the fastest growing industries in the late 1800’s and it paved the way for us to travel the globe by burning the liquefied remains of dead organisms for decades to come. Flagler helped lead one of the most successful oil companies of that era and made his fortune that would fund his later Florida investments. See, oil isn’t all bad.

This beer is dark, obviously, and has a mild roasted malt flavor sweetened with a touch of chocolate. Full bodied but lightly hopped.

6.5% ABV





Runaway Locomotive
Black IPA

black ipa 1

Runaway Locomotive is special brew named in honor of one of Florida’s darkest natural disaster’s, a CAT 5 hurricane in 1935 that marked the end of trains travelling to and from Key West.

This beer is dark and strong in malt and hop flavor. It is medium bodied and smooth.

6.4% ABV




Amber Ale

amber ale 1

Named lovingly after our two favorite Snowbirds, Henry Plant & Henry Flager. Without their seasonal trips to Florida, we never would have had the expansion of tourism and trade that was experienced due to their ingenuity.

The beer is amber colored and has a strong but smooth malt flavor accented with just a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. Medium bodied and lightly hopped.

6.4% ABV



Fletcher’s Drool
Wheat Ale

wheat beer 1

This beer is a piece of the owner’s personal history. It’s namesake is a 240 lb. Bull Mastiff named “Fletcher” that is owned and loved by our very own Alicia Keel. This American Wheat Ale has as much personality as Fletcher does!

Like Fletcher, this beer is blonde. It has a light malt and wheat flavor accented with a touch of citrus. Light bodied and lightly hopped.

4.8% ABV



Roasted Jalapeno Blueberry Porter 

We age this porter on roasted Jalapenos and fresh Florida Blueberries. A one-of-a-kind Florida original. The jalapeno and blueberry flavors compliment surprisingly well with the lightly toasted flavor of the caramel and dark malts. Low hop presence but strong jalapeno and blueberry aromas. Medium body and not too spicy.

5.5% ABV




Biltmore Blueberry Vanilla Wheat
American Wheat Ale

wheat beer 1

Named for the Belleview Biltmore Hotel, one of the largest wooden structures in the World, built by Henry Plant in 1897. The Hotel still stands in Belleair, FL.

This American Wheat boasts a pronounced vanilla and blueberry aroma. Lightly golden in color. Blueberry sweetness on the taste, clean body, and lingering blueberry and vanilla flavors.

5% ABV